What is the Price of Wisdom?

In this world of gizmos and gadgets one would expect that an old fashioned expert is – well, out of fashion.

We are so spoiled with technological marvels that we half expect that for every problem there has to be a computer software that can accurately identify and layout a 5-step program on how to resolve it! The truth is: there is none and the experts of this world are a dying species.

The EngineeringUK Report 2017 indicates a shortfall of at least 20,000 graduate engineers annually in the U.K. It also says that some of the nation’s engineering universities are already struggling to recruit enough professors to fill engineering faculty positions. This is the current trend in the world and it is progressively getting worse.

Isaac Asimov in his Foundation Saga illustrates how a 12 000 year old galactic empire failed because they lost their engineering knowledge through generations. The fall of the Aztec empire was also contributed to the concentration of knowledge in a small group of people, which was lost through eradication by Conquistadors.

Yet, we never learn. The first budget cuts always come out from training. Companies do not employ inexperienced young engineers to learn under the senior engineers and the only career path that is financially viable for an engineer is to move to management. Young people move to more exciting and less time demanding fields of studies, with better career prospects.

As a result, the more knowledge we gain, the more we loose on older and well established sciences – like power engineering.

Come, meet a true expert in his natural habitat. He wants to teach and loves what he does. Like a good old uncle that takes you on an early morning hike to teach you wisdom.

Come and learn something new from our experienced consultants.

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