MATREX is a power engineering and consulting company that has brought together expertise and experience to provide professional services in the field of electrical engineering in line with the demands of modern, competitive business: high quality, cost effective, tailor-made solutions.

Our success

Behind our success is a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, capable to keep up with a fast rate of business development. Our main strength is high efficiency in providing customised end-to-end solutions cost effectively according to your actual business requirements. Our team consists of elite managers, who have proven themselves in the modern corporate environment. They have intensive knowledge and understanding of current business processes essential for the success of your business.

Our strategy

Our business strategy is to continuously position our skills and services to be able to satisfy ever-changing demands. At the same time we maintain high integrity of our services and keep our focus on actual clients' values.

Managing Director: Aleksandar Milin

Aleksandar Milin is a Power Engineering Consultant, MD MATREX, member of IET(UK), IEEE (USA) and CIGRE. He completed Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, where he also completed 2 years of post-graduate studies for Power transmission & distribution in 1987.

His first employment was with MINEL Transformer Factory in Belgrade, as Manager of HV Laboratory. He continued his line of work at SABS – NETFA. In 1994 he joined Siemens SA, as a Transformer Design Engineer. After completing two specialisations with Siemens, Germany, he was appointed as Engineering Manager: HV/MV department in 1996. He established his own consultancy business in 1999.

He has built an impressive portfolio of projects, which were implemented in over 25 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia and has been sharing his knowledge and experience through a number of courses in the field of electrical engineering.

Strategic Management: Soraya Milin

Soraya Milin is a Strategic Management Consultant, one of the Directors of MATREX and a co-author on all courses developed by MATREX. She received her Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, where she also completed two years of post-graduate studies for Microwave Telecommunications in 1990.

Her career started as a research engineer at the Institute for Microwave Electronics in Belgrade. In 1995 she joined Multichoice as Operations Manager and part of the technical team that launched the digital satellite television in Africa. In 1999 she was appointed General Manager: Strategic Support.

In 2002 she joined MATREX to apply her business skills in sustaining the continuous growth of the company.

Our Company Network

MATREX has brought together a group of consulting companies with expertise and experience to provide professional services in the field of electrical engineering and consulting.

MATREX – South African power engineering company specialised in system design, transformers and substation design.

DIPRO – South African power engineering company specialised in relay protection and secondary design.

Transmission Grid Consulting – South African power engineering company specialised in demand side management (i.e. Capacitor Banks & SVC).

Power Network Optimisation – South African consulting company, specialised in power system modelling, expansion planning and power system operations (i.e. fault level & load flow studies).

Heinz Associates Engineering – Namibian civil engineering company, providing engineering and consulting services for 12 years, specialised in civil and structural design for substations.

Transmission Consulting Services – Namibian consultant, providing engineering and consulting services for 16 years, specialised in OHL design and management of large projects.

Our Experts

Aleksandar Milin – MSc Electrical Engineering, system engineering specialist

Soraja Milin – MSc Electrical Engineering, earthing & lightning protection specialist

Frik Venter – DEng Electrical Engineering, demand side management specialist

Sarica Swart – DEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering, network planning specialist

Machiel Coetzee – M Phil Electrical Engineering, power system modelling specialist

Ivica Debeljkovic – BSc Electrical Engineering, secondary design specialist

Heinz Losch – BEng Civil Engineering, civil design specialist for substations

Riaan van Zyl – BEng Electrical Engineering, overhead transmission line specialist