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Transformer Construction and Design

•   Theory of transformers & vector groups.
•   Transformer construction & basic materials.
•   Most critical transformer parameters.

Transformer Installation and Operation

•   Aspects of proper installation & operation.
•   Transformer losses and efficiency.
•   Transformer overload capability.

Transformer Purchasing Specification

•   Main considerations for transformer specification.
•   Testing, inspection during manufacturing & FAT.
•   Economic considerations.

Basics of Transformer Testing

•   Testing philosophy and categories of tests.
•   Specifying testing requirements & responsibilities.
•   Developing a testing program.

Factory Acceptance Tests

•   Routine tests.
•   Type tests.
•   Special tests

Condition Monitoring Tests

•   Monitoring and diagnostic tests.
•   Electrical testing for maintenance purposes.
•   Limitations of monitoring and diagnostic tests.

Transformer Maintenance

•   Maintenance program and activities.
•   Degree of maintenance required.
•   Transformer Maintenance Schedule.

Transformer Faults & Failures

•   Importance and reliability of transformers.
•   Main causes of trf failure and associated risks.
•   Types of transformer faults and failures.

Transformer Troubleshooting

•   Fault finding tests.
•   Interpretation of troubleshooting tests results.
•   Specialised diagnostic tests

Transformer Failure Analysis

•   Conducting transformer failure investigation.
•   Transformer diagnostic guide.
•   Case Studies.

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Transformer Fundamentals

•   Main components.
•   Auxiliary equipment.
•   Protective devices.

Transformer Insulation System

•   Function of oil and insulation system
•   Oil impregnated paper.
•   Cooling equipment.

Compiling Transformer Specification

•   Misconception about the “standard” design.
•   Normal and Special information.
•   Useful tips for compiling technical specifications.

Maintaining Good Service Conditions

•   Normal service conditions.
•   Temperature rise.
•   Transformer aging.

Transformer Overload Capability

•   Normal loading.
•   Planned overloading.
•   Emergency overloading.

Degree of Required Maintenance

•   Actions based on oil test results.
•   Actions based on total combustible gas level.
•   Limitations of monitoring and diagnostic tests.

Basics of Transformer Protection

•   Over-current protection.
•   Differential protect.
•   Restricted earth fault protection.

Transformer Monitoring Advice

•   Age, loading & operating conditions.
•   Four stages of investigation.
•   Preparing for investigation checklist.

Facilitating Successful Failure Investigation

•   Impact of failure & priority list.
•   Auxiliary equipment.
•   Protective devices.

Online Monitoring for Transformers

•   Advantages of online monitoring.
•   Monitoring transformers on line.
•   Online monitoring for bushings.

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