Substation Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems

Course Synopsis:

Inadequate earthing causes unexplained system outages, but if it remains unchecked and non-rectified it may cause serious or irreparable damage to the equipment and plant, and maybe even loss of life. Even the best-designed earthing systems may become unsafe through deterioration of material and changes to the power grid.

This course provides basic understanding of the issues pertinent to safe earthing practices and designing a safe earthing and adequate lightning protection systems. It also advises, through various case studies, how to avoid typical design mistakes and how to evaluate the existing protection systems.

Learning Outcome:

• Understand hazards and importance of electrical safety associated with earthing and lightning protection for HV installations.

• Identify factors that can lead to the loss of equipment, power supply or life due to the incorrect earthing or lightning protection.

• Become familiar with basic concepts, underlying principles and techniques of designing an effective earthing and lightning protection.

• Explore different earthing designs, principal design considerations and methods of lightning protection in HV installations.

• Learn how to test, evaluate and maintain the existing earthing and lightning protection systems.

• Understand how to and apply practices to mitigate problems for various sites and soil conditions.

• Discuss case studies and typical problems in an interactive workshop environment.

Who should attend:

Engineering Professionals from Distribution Companies and Power Utilities and in Electricity Supply Industry, Petrochemical Companies, and all managers who have to deal with the aspect of electrical and industrial power system protection.

Course Content

Day 1

• Substation earthing

• Tolerable body currents and dangerous voltages

• Critical system and site parameters

• Measurement of soil resistivity – Wenner Array

• Parameters determined during the design

• Designing an earthing system

• Measurement of earth resistance

• Earthing grid safety assessment methods

Day 2

• Lightning Protection Design

• HV Surge Protection

• Evaluation of existing systems

• Case studies

Course Trainer:

Aleksandar Milin

MSc Electrical Engineer

Member of IET (UK) and IEEE(US)