MV Switchgear Operation & Maintenance

Course Synopsis:

Due to its static nature, it appears that the electrical switchgear does not require any maintenance or regular inspection. Although a rigorous maintenance of MV switchgear may not be required, because of less demanding mediums used today, maintenance in general ensures the safety of personnel and plant, improves reliability while decreasing the breakdown cost.

This course provides insight into basic operating principles, application and categorisation of switchgear devices. It explains typical MV switchgear configurations, design and arrangements. It also provides insight into typical problems encountered in the field, the means of eradicating them and extending the life of MV switchgear. The course highlights the safety measures required to create safe operating environment and provides practical guidance for operation, maintenance and testing of MV switchgear.

Learning Outcome:

• Learn about basic operating principles, different interrupting techniques, application and categorisation of switchgear devices.

• Understand typical configurations and typical arrangements of MV switchgear.

• Become familiar with standard operational, maintenance and testing procedures for MV switchgear.

• Consolidate your knowledge and understanding of safety issues during operation and maintenance.

• Understand the means of ensuring a safe working environment.

Who should attend:

This course is suggested for all technical personnel involved with operations and maintenance of power and distribution transformers; in particular for all engineers, supervisors and managers who work in transmission, distribution, maintenance and operation of utilities, industrial and commercial distribution.

Course Content

Day 1

• Basic operating principles, application and categorisation of switchgear

• MV switchgear design

• Typical configurations of switchgear

• Typical switchgear arrangements

Day 2

• Safety measures for operating rooms

• Protective measures for personnel

• Interlocking

• Racking in and out of service

Day 3

• Life extension of MV switchgear equipment

• Switchgear and circuit breaker maintenance

Course Trainer:

Aleksandar Milin

MSc Electrical Engineer

Member of IET (UK) and IEEE(US)