Specialised Training

Over the past ten years, MATREX has successfully presented over 100 courses in the field of electrical engineering. We offer a variety of training programs, including online courses, boardroom training at customer sites, with standard or customised content.

Boardroom Training

We currently offers five courses, previously accredited by South African Institute of Electrical Engineers, confirming that our programs are in line with the latest developments in the industry.

The courses are specifically developed for technical personnel who work in transmission, distribution, maintenance and operation of utilities, industrial and commercial distribution systems. The comprehensive course material enables you to digest the subject matter in your own time. Interactive learning environment is provided through workshops already integrated in the program. The courses are presented by a locally and internationally recognised expert, specifically developed for maintenance and operations personnel who work on industrial, mining and municipal transmission and distribution systems. For a more detailed program and for in-house training please contact us on info@matrex-e.com.

Transformer Operation & Maintenance

This course is focusing on critical issues that should be considered in establishing and implementing effective transformer operation and maintenance. It provides very practical guidance for maintenance scheduling, operational and testing procedures to achieve long service life of power and distribution transformers. Learn more »

Transformer Testing & Oil Analysis

From manufacturing to decommissioning, transformers undergo a variety of tests which are appropriate for various stages of transformer life cycle. These tests enable us to verify that the transformer is built according to the specification and properly installed, enable us to evaluate the condition of the transformer and estimate its remaining life is service. The results of these tests can warn us of impending failure and confirm the effectiveness of corrective or maintenance procedures. Learn more »

Transformer Fault Finding

Any transformer fault must be expediently identified and rectified. Incorrect decisions would result in further damage to the transformer and inevitable increase in the cost of repairs and extended downtime. This course covers troubleshooting and transformer fault finding process. Through a number of case studies, it provides guidance on how to interpret the test results and recommend most appropriate corrective action. Learn more »

Substation Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems

HV installations (over 1000 V AC) must have a well-designed and reliable earthing and lightning protection systems to protect the equipment and provide safe environment for working personnel. This course provides basic understanding of the issues pertinent to safe earthing practices and designing a safe earthing and adequate lightning protection systems. Learn more »

MV Switchgear Operation & Maintenance

This course explains basic operating principles, typical switchgear configurations and arrangements, typical problems and means of extending the life of MV switchgear. It highlights safety considerations and provides practical guidance for operation, maintenance and testing of MV switchgear. Learn more »