Transformer Fault Finding

Course Synopsis:

Any fault that impairs the proper functioning of a transformer must be expediently identified and rectified. Incorrect decisions would result in further damage to the transformer and inevitable increase in the cost of repairs and extended downtime. Decisions making is often invested into operational or maintenance personnel with limited fault diagnostic skills.

This course explains main causes of transformer failure, types of faults that may occur, as well as the types of tests and their application in a fault finding process. Through a number of case studies, it provides guidance on how to interpret the test results. This course will improve the diagnostic skills and to enable the attendees to make informed decision for appropriate corrective action.

Learning Outcome:

• Understand the main causes of transformer failure, examine various types of faults and their effect on transformers.

• Learn how to diagnose transformer faults and failures.

• Understand what are the various types of tests, what is their purpose and their application in a fault finding process.

• Learn how to interpret the test results to identify a probable cause of failure and decide the appropriate course of action.

• Discuss a number of case studies to learn how to practically apply the knowledge obtained during this course.

Who should attend:

This course is suggested for all technical personnel involved with operations and maintenance of power and distribution transformers; in particular for all engineers, supervisors and managers who work in transmission, distribution, maintenance and operation of utilities, industrial and commercial distribution.

Course Content

Day 1

• Main causes of transformer failure and associated risks

• Types of Transformer Faults

• Typical Transformer Failures

Day 2

• Types of tests and their application for fault finding purposes

• Oil screening tests and the interpretation of test results

• Electrical tests and the expected range of test results values

• Specialised Diagnostic Tests

Day 3

• Conducting transformer fault investigation

• Transformer diagnostic guide

• Case Studies

Course Trainer:

Aleksandar Milin

MSc Electrical Engineer

Member of IET (UK) and IEEE(US)