Transformer Operation & Maintenance

Course Synopsis:

Modern transformers are much more efficient, but much less robust than they were half a century ago. The best policy against transformer failure is to ensure that they are properly operated and maintained. For all practical purposes transformer life expectancy beyond 20 years significantly depends on the quality of maintenance applied to it.

This course is focusing on critical issues that should be considered in establishing good operating practices and implementing an effective transformer maintenance program. It provides very practical guidance for maintenance scheduling, operational and testing procedures to achieve long service life of power and distribution transformers.

Learning Outcome:

• Learn about transformer construction, critical transformer parameters, operating conditions.

• Learn how to control ageing accelerators to ensure long life of transformers.

• Understand underlying causes of transformer failures, how to investigate and prevent failures.

• Learn various testing techniques and how to interpret test data.

• Explore various maintenance strategies, technical and organisational aspects of maintenance

• Plan maintenance activities to ensure an effective transformer maintenance program.

• Discuss testing procedures, various case studies and a typical maintenance schedule through an interactive workshop.

Who should attend:

This course is suggested for all technical personnel involved with operations and maintenance of power and distribution transformers; in particular for all engineers, supervisors and managers who work in transmission, distribution, maintenance and operation of utilities, industrial and commercial distribution.

Course Content

Day 1

• Transformer Construction

• Insulation System

• Understanding Transformer Nameplates

• Transformer Operation

Day 2

• Maintenance Program

• Monitoring and Diagnostic Tests

Day 3

• Discuss a typical maintenance schedule, underlying causes of transformer failures, how to investigate and prevent failures through testing and preventive maintenance

• Practical guide for interpreting transformer test results

• Transformer Maintenance Schedule

• Electrical Testing Procedures

Course Trainer:

Aleksandar Milin

MSc Electrical Engineer

Member of IET (UK) and IEEE(US)