Transformer Testing & Oil Analysis

Course Synopsis:

From manufacturing to decommissioning, transformers undergo a variety of tests that are appropriate for various stages of transformer life cycle. Oil deteriorates with time and the aging process may be accelerated by a number of factors. The oil itself can be used as a diagnostic tool to monitor the condition of transformer interior and allow timely corrective action to extend transformer's life.

This course discusses various types of testing and their applications. It covers detailed testing procedures, what kind of testing is available to monitor the state of oil and paper and how to interpret the test results in order to make a decision for appropriate corrective action. Through a number of case studies, it provides guidance on what are the key parameters that should be checked during testing and what kind of results should be expected.

Learning Outcome:

• Understand the various types of tests, what their purpose is and application.

• Learn a number of procedures for electrical testing used during factory testing, commissioning and maintenance.

• Explore various oil tests and how to interpret their results.

• Make decisions regarding transformer serviceability and which corrective measures to apply.

• Discuss a number of case studies to learn how to interpret the test result data.

Who should attend:

This course is suggested for all technical personnel involved with operations and maintenance of power and distribution transformers; in particular for all engineers, supervisors and managers who work in transmission, distribution, maintenance and operation of utilities, industrial and commercial distribution.

Course Content

Day 1

• Testing philosophy and categories of transformer tests

• General Testing Requirements

• Routine Tests

• Type Tests

Day 2

• Special Tests

• Specialised Diagnostic Tests

Day 3

• Condition Monitoring Tests

• Limitations of monitoring and diagnostic tests

• How to reliably recommend a degree of maintenance required

• Open Discussion

Course Trainer:

Aleksandar Milin

MSc Electrical Engineer

Member of IET (UK) and IEEE(US)